About us

We are a company specialised in industrial silk screen printing and digital printing with over 60 years of experience..

Our goal is customer satisfaction. We guarantee the best technical and affordable solutions, maintaining the highest quality standards in the offered products and services.

In JOSÉ CRESPO BALLESTER S.A. we are committed to service; we assist our customers from the idea until the final product along every project.

Our human team, the acquired experience and the used technology allow us to offer customised solutions for each customer and project.

Currently, we operate in fields as diverse as: IT equipment, automotive industry, electro medicine, amplifiers and sound, aerials, machine production or publicity.

  • Experience

    Over 6 decades


  • Clients

    Companies and private customers


  • Projects

    Carried out by our experts


  • Countries

    On the international level


  • Employees

    Our team of experts



  • 1957

    Nuestros inicios

    JOSÉ CRESO BALLESTER S.A. began its activities manufacturing Adhesive Labels, Aluminum Plates and Nameplates silk-screen printed.

  • 1970

    Manufacture of printed circuits

    After thirteen years in Industrial Serigraphy business, CRESPO introduced in its ordinary production the manufacturing of Printed circuit Boards (PCB).

  • 1980

    We expand catalog

    The evolution of the company and the know-how obtained in its first twenty three years of activity allowed JOSÉ CRESPO BALLESTER S.A. to extend the range of products manufactured. In 1980 CRESPO began to produce Front Foils and Front Panels of industrial devices.

  • 1989

    Transfer of Crespo

    Crespo moves from a small workshop in the capital of Valencia to a 2,800m2 factory in Sedavi.

  • 2000

    Manufacture of membrane keyboards

    Its high degree of specialization has allowed CRESPO to celebrate the new century introducing Membrane Switches and Membrane keypads into regular manufactured products.

  • 2003

    Manufacture of resin labels

    Due to its continuing effort to innovate in order to offer the best solutions; CRESPO took advantage of new materials and manufacturing process available in market to start manufacturing Domed Labels.

  • 2007

    New services

    JOSÉ CRESPO BALLESTER S.A. introduced Machining, Milling, Engraving and Laser cutting in its catalogue of offered services.

  • 2008

    Digital printing

    CRESPO included professional Digital Printing services in large formats on a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

  • 2012


    JOSÉ CRESPO BALLESTER S.A. began a process of internationalization offering its products, services and know-how in key European markets.

  • 2015

    We expand catalog

    CRESPO added new products to its catalogue. POP/POS Displays and Packaging solutions.

  • 2017

    Manufacturing of flexible copper circuit boards

    Crespo’s experience making printed circuit boards allows taking the next step towards a specialisation in FLEXIBLE COPPER CIRCUIT BOARDS, for a later assembly with the insertion of LEDs. This offers a durable, high-quality membrane keyboard.

  • 2019

    Acquisition of new machines and customised insulators

    Crespo acquires new machinery after increasing their experience in machining due to customer demand for cutting and handling new materials. Materials such as acoustic, thermal, and electrical insulation are handled by Crespo with a broad machining operation.